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How to Sell Gym Memberships: Building Business Connections Through Effective Communication

Established and startup gym businesses need to constantly maintain profitable sales through gaining new members, keeping existing clients, and maybe inviting back the lost ones.

The seemingly pressing question is, how do you sell gym memberships to all demographics with your current services? You might consider improving your offers or learning how to upsell your service benefits in a way that members can’t possibly turn down.

If you want answers, read on and find out how you can leverage one of the primary and highly essential strategies that entrepreneurs can start using right now: Effective Communication.

We had the chance to feature Damon Moschetto, one of our Client Success Managers, in our webinar, where we talked about “The Member Connection” and how to communicate effectively to crush sales. We’ll talk all about this and more.

And guess what? It might sound mainstream, but this article will revolve around the key factor of effective communication, which we’re very familiar with: Content.

Attracting New Gym Memberships / Club Members Using Content Marketing

The challenge here is that everyone is bombarded with daily marketing content from hundreds, maybe even thousands of sources. It’s imperative to ensure that your content contains valuable information that the clients will find significantly beneficial. Otherwise, they’ll just skip it and move on to another.

If you’re wondering how you can compete with such great competition in the industry, you need to keep your eye on your customers. Find out what they value, and let them know that they can get that from you. But first, you have to build a connection.

Damon stated that “great communication begins with connection.”

Here are a few gym tips and ideas to help you create content that builds connections with your gym members:

Headlines or Subject Lines

Perhaps, in your email, text, or social media ad, how do you suppose that the targeted audience will find it enticing to read?

Start with a compelling headline.

The headline is the most crucial part if you aim to attract customers and encourage them to read throughout the content and get to know your gym, your brand, and your services.

Think about your objective. Like for example, when you want to invite clients to join a new program. Hit them directly with the highlights, writing something such as “The 3-Week Yoga Practice For Flexibility Improvement”. It can be very specific to ensure that you target those interested in this particular niche.

If you fail to create a headline that will get the targeted audience’s attention, it might probably be a waste.

What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)

Focus on the benefit, not the features. They can possibly be intertwined or misconstrued.

The benefits are what separates you from others. For example, every gym has features like having a set of equipment. On the other hand, the benefits will focus on how fast you can deliver results based on your unique methods.

Just remember that it’s about them. You have to answer, what’s in it for your customer? What will they get that’s worth of their money, time, and energy?

If you believe you can offer them what they’re looking for, let them know. You have to convince your customers that you’re the go-to gym for the services they want to experience with your proven benefits.


You also need to consider the relevance of your content to the specific market. As mentioned above, you have to ensure that your marketing campaign on every channel must target future customers in a certain demographic. Without client interest, the content would be irrelevant.

Before and After Pictures

People love seeing real results. You can feature before and after pictures or video clips that will support your claim. Oftentimes, customers want to see concrete evidence first before jumping into something. And as it turns out, the evidence is also key to sales conversion.

It goes to show that you can definitely angle your content on what you aim your customers to see. You just have to use it to your advantage.

Customer Testimonials

Above all, nothing beats customer testimonials. When people hear feedback from clients who can attest to the experience, it can be quite convincing, sometimes even more persuasive than getting the information from advertisements. So, don’t hesitate to show off positive testimonials and insert them into your content.

Never Forget: Call-To-Action

We can never reiterate enough that a clear call-to-action (CTA) is always effective for conversions. The main advantage of CTAs is that you have the freedom to place a direct instruction to your readers on where to go or what to do. Thus, if you want customers to sign up or register immediately, you can provide the links and send them right to your sales funnel. 

Content Marketing Channels: Additional Tips

Target different populations using “demographic-focused” content, but with a touch of another essential factor.

If content is king, consistency is key.

Learn the avenues where your customers most likely have access to, such as the following:

Social Media

attracting gym members using content marketing

Post with a purpose and be consistent with the content flow schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Your audience needs to feel your presence consistently. Make it to the point that your social media pages contain enticing and relevant posts that market your brand, products, and services, especially at times when your audiences can already expect you to appear.

Email or Text

Consistency also matters for the young, working, or senior population who often check their emails and text messages. Using this, you can create more personalized marketing content for the recipients.

Push Notifications via Mobile App

You can send out push notifications with a mobile app that syncs with the gym management software you’re using. This is mainly effective for sending out class reminders, payment dues, progressive reports, etc., to existing gym members.

Learn more about the features and benefits of gym management software. Visit our website here!

To Wrap It Up

The final takeaway to increasing profitability in your gym business is to build connections with your customers. Use effective communication through compelling and strategic content to educate people about your service benefits.

The key to compelling and informative content is to emphasize your unique benefits and deliver concise information. Content marketing campaigns must also have targeted audiences interested in the same niche. Finally, if you’re planning to sell new gym memberships, retain existing ones, or bring back some of the old clients, the practice would be to utilize all channels, depending on the angle that a particular demographic can access.