Social Networking for Business – 3 Myths About Using It

If you listen to the all the scuttlebutt these days around social media you will hear that it is the new and sexy way to promote your business and/or brand. But does that hold true for the fitness industry as well?  

blogS-zoneIt seems like every company nowadays has a Twitter profile, Facebook page, Instagram following, Google Plus account and so on and so on!

Despite many myths, we believe these pages allow you and your club the opportunity to create brand awareness to a targeted audience, while developing raving fans that become followers, which can then turn into new members! BUT some of these platforms are still not looked at as a serious way to drive leads and new member sales.

Let’s debunk some of these common misconceptions and dive into why you should carve out time EVERY day to stay active and relevant on these sites!

Myth 1: You can’t measure your return on investment

Many social media experts know how to use social networks to socialize, but they have little-to-no marketing expertise–meaning they don’t know how to turn all that socializing into cash flow.

What can you do?
Track where your users are coming from; identify the actions they took on your site (viewing images of your club, checking out what classes you offer, whatever); calculate the value of that activity. Did this lead to them join online without speaking to your club directly? Did they fill out a contact us form?

Myth 2: You have to be on EVERY social network?

Don’t listen to this peer pressure! When no one knows what he or she is supposed to do; they feel the need to do everything.

What can you do?
Focus your efforts. Visit or Facebook and type targeted key words into the search fields. The words should describe services you offer, classes, equipment or other topics that you want to highlight in your club. Study the web pages that appear in the search results. Do the people you see on these pages resemble your target community or potential members? Are these the type of people who fit your persona? If so, interact with them; if not, don’t. Poking around on other social networks just for the sake of it is a waste of your valuable time.

Myth 3: Social Media will replace in-person networking and face-to-face sales

New stuff keeps coming out. The Google+ Hangout feature allows you to hold a video chat with up to 10 people. The more new gadgets there are to play with, the more time people will spend playing with them, and the less time they will spend talking to each other. Or least that’s how it might seem to you.

What can you do?
Customers, vendors and just people in general still crave face-to-face communication. Get out and meet them, and use social media to help you do it. Example: Log on to Twitter and pose a question in the form of a tweet. Maybe ask your followers for suggestions on interesting discussion topics involving your industry. (It may take a week to gin up enough good responses.) Based on that information, work on a blog post or set-up a meet and greet day in your club. Invite your prospects, customers, and people on your email lists; let them get a week or month free trial. The goodwill will go a long way.

Myth 4: Social Media can replace your website

Social media is the new shiny red apple. It’s not going anywhere, but neither are web sites.

What can you do?
Email still remains one of the most powerful ways to prospect for business. Although you can capture email addresses on social media networks, it is a lot easier to simply add a form at multiple locations on your web site. Create an email drip campaign to your prospects and share valuable information and updates such as specials you are running or maybe tips on the latest workout craze.

What social media tactics have worked at your club? Remember, “Sharing is caring”!

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