A Complete List of the Top i4 Updates [Feature Roundup]

Your Complete Guide to Every i4 Update in 2016

2016 was a busy year at Jonas Fitness. With nearly a dozen features across the entire software platform, there’s a lot to explore.  

We’ll take you through the most notable features that were released in 2016 and give you ways to try each. Ready to dive in? Read on. 

Here are the 2016 i4 product updates:

1. i4 Front Desk Screen Redesign

Previously, ‘SELECT’ buttons appeared for selecting plans on the Search Plans Page. Now, the ‘SELECT’ buttons have been replaced by radio buttons as follows:

radio buttons.png

2. New Screen Captures Only Required Fields for Agreement Quick Sale

Previously, all of the fields for member information appeared on one page and the required fields were not designated. 

Now, the member information fields appear on 2 tabs based on whether they are required or optional:

Step 1: ‘Required Fields’ tab contains the fields that are required by default and fields that have been configured as being required in the i4™ Back Office – Contracts module.

Step 2: ‘Additional Information’ tab contains all of the other member information fields.

Step 3: ‘Billing’ tab contains the billing information fields for the member.


Required Only-1.png

Note: The following fields are required by default based on the information that is stored on the member’s driver’s license: First Name, Last Name, Address 1, City, State, and Date of Birth. The Zip field may or may not be automatically completed when you scan the driver’s license based on if that information is stored on the driver’s license. The Barcode ID is required and automatically completed by i4™, and Billing Name is automatically completed when the member’s first name and last name are entered.

To add other fields to appear on the Step 1: Required Fields tab as required, go to i4 Back Office Contract > Setup > Member Forms and select each field that is required and click the > to move it to the Selected Fields column. Then double-click the field to open the Properties dialog box, check the requires non-blank value’ box, and click the OK button.

During the quick sale, you then have the option of adding additional information or going to the Billing tab without adding additional information for the member.

3. Uniform Search Screen in Frontdesk

You can now search for members using fields other than First Name, Last Name, and Barcode, as follows:

Uniform Search.png

4. Selling PT Packages in Member Self-Service

With the April 25th release, you’ll notice some changes to the Member Self Service Web Admin and Member Self-Service main page.

Web Admin Page

Before this release, a member could not buy Personal Training Packages in Member Self-Service.  Now, you can log in to Web Admin and create Personal Training packages that your members can buy using Member Self-Service.

Web Admin Page.png
Member Self-Service Page

Previously, if someone wanted to buy Personal Training packages online, they had to use the scheduler component.

Now, if the club has been set up to sell packages via Web Admin, the member can purchase Personal Training Packages independently from the scheduler.

MSS page.png

5. Swipe License Button

The field for entering the driver’s license number has been moved to the top of the ‘Step 1: Required Fields page’.

In addition, the new ‘Swipe License’ button has been added so that when you can your member’s driver’s license, i4™ will automatically populate his/her information in the corresponding fields.

Required Only-141489-edited.png

6. Password Functionality & Compliance

To ensure that i4 remains PCI compliant, we have implemented the following password rules:

  • Passwords will now expire every 90 calendar days; employees will need to enter new passwords at that interval.
  • An employee’s account will be locked for 30 minutes after 5 failed attempts at entering a password.
  • An employee’s account will be disabled after 90 days of inactivity.
  • When an employee changes their password, they cannot use a password that is the same as any of the last 5 passwords they have used.

These changes affect the Front Desk, Back Office, Web Admin, and the Winform check-in modules.

ImportantThese rules will be implemented in a phased roll-out.  After they are implemented, your employees will be required to change their passwords every 90 days. 


Redesigned Document Generation Engine for New Contracts

Developed and released new engine to generate contract document in quick sales which is faster and more efficien – built with latest technology.

New ‘Back’ Navigation Button

Developed and released new engine to generate contract document in quick sales which is fast / more efficient and built with latest technology.