A Complete List of the Top 2016 Compete Updates [Feature Roundup]

Your Complete Guide to the top Compete® Updates of 2016

2016 was a busy year at Jonas Fitness. With nearly 65 features across the entire software platform, there’s a lot to explore.  

We’ll take you through the 12 most notable features that were released in 2016 and give you ways to try each. Ready to dive in? Read on.

2016 Compete® Product Updates:

1. $0.00 PT Visits in Membership Plans

When you set either the down payment, recurring dues, or rollover amount to $0.00 for a training product in a membership plan, the following message appears when you save the product details to confirm that you intend to sell the product for $0.00 and add the visits to the member’s record:


In addition, when you change the price of a PT product to $0.00 during the sale of an agreement, the following message appears to confirm the change:


2. Agreement and Form of Payment Member Data Import

Using the Member Data Import utility (Back Office > Reports > Utilities > Data Import > Member Data Import), you can now make a member billable by adding an agreement to the member based on the information in the import file, in addition to assigning the recurring dues to another member.


3. Agreement Tagging Utility

You can now perform the following actions in the Agreement Tagging Utility (Back Office > Billing > Notification > Agreement Tagging Utility or Back Office > Agreements > Reports > Agreement Tagging Utility).

  • Batch update the agreement effective dates.
  • Batch update the agreement expiration dates.
  • Batch void agreements.


4. Punchcard Enrollment using Member Self-   Service

Using Member Self-Service, members can now purchase a punch card and use that punch card to enroll in and pay for classes.


Note: The class product that the member is enrolling in must be set up with punch card or recurring dues as an alternate form of payment, and then the service product associated with the class product must have a V attribute (visit) or D attribute (recurring dues).

A member can also unenroll from the class using Member Self-Service and, if a punch card was used to purchase the class, that visit will be returned to the punch card.

When they un-enroll from the class, the member will receive an email that if a cancellation fee can be applied and the amount that was refunded if they are due a refund.

5. Enhanced Employee Time Clock

Yup. The employee time clock has been enhanced so that an employee can clock in to specific departments or a manager can clock an employee into a department they do not have access to.

Employee Clock-in by Department

The Departments tab has been added to the Record will be change for employee dialog box so you can select the departments an employee can clock in to (Back Office > Data Entry > Employees > Browse Employees > select employee > Change).


Then when the employee clocks in, those departments show up on the Department List on the Time Clock Confirmation dialog box (Front Desk > Time Clock > enter user id and password > In).


6. Unique URLs for a Promotional Plan in Join Online

Using the JOL Admin tool, you can create unique URLs for your promotions so that a member can directly access the promotion. 

Unique URLS.png

7. Document Viewer Signatures in Agreements

When you use the Document Viewer to collect agreement signatures, the agreement remains at the place where the member signed rather than scrolling back to the top of the agreement. This allows you to access the next signature without having to scroll from the top of the document again.

In addition, the page break in the agreement now appears so that you can tell what page you are on.

8. Performance Improvements

Clubs with large databases will notice performance improvements in the following areas:

  • Data for existing members is populated faster on the new agreement screen.
  • The Product filter for the Sales By Product report now runs faster (Back Office > Reports > Products > Sales By Product).
  • The speed of member check-in has improved.
  • The speed of taking payments has improved.
  • Agreement Tagging
  • Billing Events
  • Regenerating Member Statements

9. NACHA Unauthorized Return Fee Now Shown in Reports

The unauthorized return fee that NACHA instituted in October now appears as a line item in EFT Reconciliation report (Back Office > Billing > EFT Reports > EFT Reconciliation), as shown in the following example:


10. Automatically E-Mail Member Agreements

If a club is configured to send emails, you can now select to always email a PDF of the contract to the member after the agreement sale is completed and send a blind copy of the agreement to the club.