You’re Missing Out on Potential Revenue by Not Utilizing this Tool

Picture this.

The New Year is here and with it all of your potential members’ New Year’s resolutions.

man-coffee-cup-pen.jpgYour potential members, beyond inspired and determined to get started on their fitness goals, desperately need to secure a membership right at this very moment. Sadly, it’s the beginning of the year and the doors to your club are currently closed.

The competition, however, offers potential members the opportunity to sign-up and pay for a membership online; driving all of that first quarter revenue away from your club.

In this industry, you cannot afford to brush the value of convenience under the rug. In a world where information is, literally, always at our fingertips, you, as a gym owner, must be able to adjust to the ever-shifting landscape.

Remember: An online solution isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

The power of attracting more traffic and generating revenue is immeasurable. It can dictate whether your club excels or struggles to stay afloat.

It’s important to always view your business through your potential member’s shoes.

Let’s say, for example, that your future member has successfully narrowed his/her search down to two clubs, both equally proficient and well-reviewed, but only one gives him/her the ability to sign-up online and hit the ground running instantly.

When the other option he/she has is to wait a full day only to show up and still have to fill out paperwork, it really isn’t much of a choice.

You can never underestimate the importance of a readily available solution, especially one that can help you get over the hump of financial stability.

In a business environment that’s undeniably trending towards an “always-on, always selling” mentality, it is vital for your offerings and promotions to be readily available to any and all potential members at the comfort of their own homes and/or mobile devices.

People are driven by convenience, efficiency and opportunity.

It is your duty, as a gym owner, to build upon that. To leave no stone uncovered in your path towards financial success, while achieving the highest level of customer service.

I encourage you to enquire about online services offered by your current software provider to discover any possible integrations and/or services currently available to your club.  


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