Top Solutions of Gym Businesses Preparing For The New Normal

There are major changes in the traditional safety procedures before the COVID-19 affected the world. Today, everyone is expected to respect several pandemic-friendly standards.

Gym clubs are starting to open, and like every other establishment, they need to adhere to specific rules and parameters on each state and county. There are several social distancing and sanitary guidelines that enable gym owners to open up for business. These regulatory rules make it easier for members and employees to come back to a safe environment.

Checklist For Opening a Gym Business

There is much to consider for opening back or starting a gym business, especially amid the current pandemic. Many things come into mind, and it’s important to know that you can correctly accomplish these things.

The best way to understand what needs to be done is to put them on a checklist.

This short checklist will provide valuable information needed to get your gym running without going through unnecessary steps.

  1. First, you must uphold offering exceptional services. It’s quite a tighter market out there right now. You’ll have to handle all the essentials, such as working out protocols for registering clients, processing business transactions, and ensuring safety and sanitation for employees and members.
  2. The list involves supplies that you’ll need to begin, including items you may require for day-to-day operations. It is best to get everything you need ahead of time if the demand for these items outstrips the supply. Once everything has been settled, it will be easier to move forward.
  3. You have to implement establishment rules to enforce how many people can use the gym while accounting for the reporting employees.
  4. You need to set up a business plan to calculate profitable charging rates, membership fees, and other kinds of programs that can increase your business revenue.
  5. There are also financial and legal issues to deal with. You will have to figure out how to maintain the facilities and utilities based on your projected income for the following months.

Gym Business Solutions For The New Normal

Upon entering the fitness club, gym staff is trained to assist members with everything they need to access the facilities. However, it is highly advisable not to have direct contact with anyone in any business establishment in light of recent events. This leaves gym business owners to look for ways on how to address this issue.

The methods of helping out gym members require massive changes, primarily to enforce strict contactless solutions in completing transactions.

Touchless Payments With EMV Devices

Touchless payments in the gym industry have been around for several years, but this system’s benefits have recently become very popular. Many people might have already heard of this system way before the progression of the pandemic.

EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and technology to authenticate chip-card transactions. 

EMV readers are used for credit or debit cards equipped with a chip in the card that has a unique ID, mainly for the following purposes: 

  • The main advantage of EMV technology is the added security that prevents fraud and loss for financial institutions. 
  • The EMV devices protect your business from dealing with any fraudulent issues that might occur between the payer and the financial institution.
  • EMV cards offer savings for users, even with regular transaction rates.
  • Has a Near-Field Communication (NFC) that allows cards and mobile wallets to perform transactions within reach of the device, entirely without letting another person touch them and hand them back to the owners.

Do you need help getting started with a touchless payment system for your gym? Contact us for inquiries on our best solutions!

Fitness Club Protocols For The New Normal

Most fitness clubs and gyms have protocols in place intended to protect all customers from being exposed to a health-threatening environment. These protocols are meant to ensure that guidelines on how to approach coaches and staff are provided, the equipment used is sanitary and that all business transactions are entirely contactless. Members are required to follow house rules in-line with state instructions.

Different clubs may have varied protocols, but they will have commonalities between them for the most part. These commonalities help reduce the overall risk that one can experience. What’s important is that these protocols can significantly reduce the potential dangers involved when one enters a fitness club.

One of the safety measures that most gyms and fitness clubs observe is following the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirement. All employees must wear complete PPE to signify that they’re not only protecting themselves, but it’s also for the safety of their co-workers and gym members. 

Secondly, fitness clubs need to limit the number of persons according to the facility’s area size to maintain social distancing rules. 

Another part of the protocol that most gyms and fitness clubs follow is to provide access and supply for hygienic measures. There should be showers and handwashing areas so that the members and employees can practice cleanliness at all times.

Lastly, keeping the area sanitary involves air purification and proper ventilation. Some gyms provide outdoor fitness settings for their gym members to avoid contamination in enclosed spaces.

Let’s Get These Solutions Into Practice

State protocols are set to ensure that all establishments in every state observe rules and policies. Fitness club protocols are among the most critical things that gym businesses must follow for the members and employees’ security. The systems put in place by the club must be adhered to in the strictest sense possible. Guidelines will be put in place about what is not acceptable in the gym. 

There’s no reason for you to stay out of business, especially with the right solutions. Local and state departments are helping the industry back on track to help the economy rise as well. During the transition, let’s help each other get through the challenges brought by this alarming situation. Nonetheless, it should not prevent us from moving forward, even if it means adjusting to a new normal. So, if you’re in the process of opening your gym again or starting one, it’s best to consider these regulated practices for the benefit of everyone in the community.