Premium Gym Management Software: Price Rates and Features

Managing your health and fitness club can get hectic, especially for a growing business. Believe it or not, there’s a key to achieve an organized business operation system: utilizing a gym management software.

It is fundamental to manage your front and back-end duties systematically, using tools that will make the process faster and more efficient for the benefit of your staff and your members. With the help of management software, you’ll be getting more than a digital system in handling daily operations.

Let’s dig further about gym management software, the current price rates, and its premium features.

What Is Gym Management Software?

Gym owners require an organized system to monitor and analyze all aspects of the business. There are different types of management software with advanced features that can help gyms and fitness clubs to solve the most common business challenges and ultimately improve the members’ experience at scale.

If you want to centralize your business operations, utilizing a gym management software will allow you to transform your transactions into a full-on automated system. You will be able to constantly evaluate your business performance, assess your risks, and improve your growth by identifying your opportunities. Offering gym management software with premium services also provides a marketing strategy that increases your odds in achieving profit goals.

What Is The Best Gym Management Software?

The best gym management software has features that allow you to track your members’ progress since day one. The software holds a database that connects with the members and also gives them access to their membership account. It should provide an app for the members to install on their mobile devices.

Fitness enthusiasts who consider going to the gym as a part of their lifestyle, value the comfort that they can get from their membership. A gym management software with premium solutions should have a balance between the advantages of the club services and freedom of the members to organize their membership anytime and anywhere.

Premium Gym Management Software Features

Here are some of the premium features that come with the most popular gym management software:

Organized Business Database

An ideal gym management system provides a general overview of all the members’ records as well as their individual improvements, along with the classes and activities that they are involved with. 

In turn, members should also be able to manage their membership transactions online, such as their registration, schedule, payments, contract renewals, and more. All these transactions are directly recorded in the system database in real-time.

Also, the software should have an organized front and back-office management solutions. This will help you keep the operational tasks within the streamline and avoid disruption of the members’ transactions.

Complete Control

As the owner or manager, it is essential for you to have full access to your facility whenever you need to. Naturally, the ultimate way for you to manage the business is if you can control all the movements in the operational processes. You won’t have to do everything yourself, but the gym management software can provide actual data with accurate details in a much faster way.


You need to secure all business information to avoid having problems with the system operations. A reliable gym management software provides 24/7 security methods that also control the authorization levels of those who access the software either directly or through the member apps. For instance, when a member registers an account in the gym management app, they will only be the ones who can access their individual records. At the same time, they are also restricted to view other members’ profiles and account details.

As per the business records, only those people within the company can access and navigate through the software to keep everything internal. It should have a failsafe and a backup system in case of breaches or other types of software malfunction, which rarely happens to those who offer excellent gym management software services.

Scheduling Tool

One of the most important features in organizing business operations is managing the members’ schedules. It’s not a secret for most gym companies how much they value effective scheduling methods because it also shows the quality of service that the fitness establishment offers to its members. People usually value their time even more than the money spent on their gym membership. Regardless of how much they’re paying, they appreciate having the luxury to follow their workout schedules the most.

Gym management software price

Billing & Payment System

Gym members prefer having secured online payment processing. Automated payment is similar to subscription processes, where monthly payments are automatically credited by syncing the member’s credit card, PayPal, etc. details with their gym membership account. Whereas, some people prefer manual processing of monthly payments after receiving their billing statement. Either way, the gym members’ payment details should be protected, and that’s a feature that should be included with your gym management software services.

Mobile App

The software should have an integrated mobile device application for the members. Not all service providers include mobile app development in their gym management software packages. If you want the best one, then choose the software that will improve the gym members’ experience with a premium mobile app.

Gym Management Software Price Rates

If you browse and compare several gym management software price rates, you’ll be looking at an average of $150-$200 per month to get premium services. The price rate is calculated per location, and within this range, custom mobile apps are not yet included in the package. Sometimes, the service cost goes even higher up to $400, but we’re already talking about an all-encompassing system package at most.

The price rates of gym management software systems vary on the number of staff and members registered in your business. So, provided that your numbers will rise as your business grows, your costs will go higher as well. In the end, even though you’ll have to spend much, you’re already able to scale your business at a profitable level. 

The Bottom Line: Always Settle For The Best

Growing your business entails the necessary costs to deliver premium services to your clients. Investing in gym management software to enhance your operational system won’t be counted as a hefty expense because it will eventually pay for itself. More so, utilizing the software can even multiply your profits. It sounds like a reasonably great deal.

Considering the gym management software price rates that we just discussed, opting for a service provider who can deliver the best software packages puts leverage on your business. And if you want to test out the waters first before jumping in, you can always schedule a demo or grab those free trials. It will help you narrow down your options in choosing the gym management system that suits your business needs.

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