Process & Techniques on How To Increase Gym Membership Sales

It’s wise for a business owner to try and discover advertising ideas to increase your gym membership sales. So, if you’re still quite confused about how you’re going to do this because whatever you’ve tried before doesn’t seem to be working, we got a few ideas that can help you achieve your targeted profit. These are proven local techniques in driving new enrollments and retaining existing members.

Here are six strategic ways to market your club services and ultimately increase your membership sales:

  1. Quick and Easy Sign-Ups

Keep the sign-up process as simple as possible. Understandably, you need as much information that you can get from the members to help them better with their goals. But, you can save that for later. It’s much better if they can quickly become official members of your health club before getting bored with the questions and lengthy paperwork.

To avoid the hassle, you have to make online sign-ups available. Getting their name and email is enough information to get them started. For walk-in clients, you can make the onboarding process just as easy through instant registrations, and they can fill out the rest of the required details afterward.

If you’re using a gym management software with a linked mobile app, the new members can complete their information at their own pace, and all their details will automatically sync in your member database. It’s pretty convenient for both parties.

  1. Hire Dedicated Trainers

Gym goers appreciate the dedicated attention that their coaches or trainers give about their physical, mental, and emotional progress. It isn’t always about getting physically fit, although that’s the ultimate goal. But along the process, the members need people around them who can motivate them in achieving their personal targets.

The way your trainers build rapport and communicate with the members is one of the best marketing angles you need to get invested. You need to provide your trainers with proper training on how to approach clients with sincere encouragement.

Your trainers also need the motivation to keep your members happy. Give value to them just as how you want them to show dedication to their work. Make sure that they’re properly compensated and keep a “fun” workplace environment. It will benefit your staff and your members in the process.

  1. Offer Fitness Classes 

Okay, so you have the finest gym facilities. But, are you keeping your members engaged? Offer fitness classes that will keep them interested in coming back.

How To Increase Gym Membership Sales

The most common classes are yoga, boxing, kickboxing, Zumba, aerobics, other dance classes, pilates, Crossfit, and many more. Your trainers can provide individual workout routines on one-on-one training that focus on body strengthening, body toning, flexibility training, etc. The more activities you propose, the wider the market you can target.

A portion of the member details should include their interests and hobbies. That way, you’ll know what to offer to them to make their commitment and their time worth every bit of it. It’s a win if they can do the things their passionate about in your gym.

  1. Promote Free Trial Classes

One of the best ways to entice new members and retain existing ones is by promoting free trial classes. Everyone loves anything that’s for free, especially when they can come out victorious out of it, like learning how to punch through boxing or how to relax tense muscles through yoga.

You should know that this can create a massive snowball effect when it’s announced methodically. Think about it, if you offer one free class every month, how much traffic will that bring? That’s surely going to result in a significant increase in your gym membership sales. You can even set a habit of making members look forward to something month after month. If you can find a way around to afford it, then why not?

  1. Create Boot Camp Events

Build a community of fitness enthusiasts by hosting boot camp events. Invite your members to take part in activities outside the gym to encourage closer relationships between the members and club employees.

You can spend some of your weekends competing in marathons, volunteering to the community, or you can also just go out simply to eat, play, and have fun. This is a chance for the gym members and staff to invite the family, friends, and the people closest to them. You’ll be hitting two birds in one stone. As you strengthen friendships, you are also opening doors for the people within the local area to get curious enough to ask about your club member activities.

To make everyone more engaged in this, you can let them give suggestions on more outdoor activities you can share in your boot camp sessions. If you can do it on a monthly basis, it would be an added excitement to the whole team. Or, you can schedule a quarterly boot camp event for the entire year. Making this event a part of the club calendar might even be a convincing factor for new sign-ups and member retention.

  1. Leverage Social Media Channels

Go all-out with your marketing strategies! One of the quickest and most effective ways to increase gym membership sales is through social media campaigns. It’s already been proven and tested for club business owners to leverage social media channels in driving direct traffic to their websites or landing page banners that promote their latest gym events. You should try it, too! The competition is tough, but that’s a reason enough for you to toughen up even more.

Just make sure that you invest in the right social media campaign managers. You shouldn’t waste money just to get nothing. First, you have to make sure that you position your latest offers and promotions to be feasible before you take the risk of paying for expensive Facebook or Instagram ads. When you do that, you’ll be impressed by the rate of engagements you get from social media traffic.

Studying Your Point of Sales (PoS) Process and Strategies

When you finally experience an increase in your gym membership sales, you have to study your Point of Sales (PoS). By doing this, you can identify which marketing strategy benefits your business the most. And at this point, you can discard the ways that don’t help with your profitability.

We mentioned that the use of gym management software organizes your members’details and store them in a database. Apparently, this software also allows you to analyze your PoS with accurate statistical data automatically. It might do you some good to explore this option as well.

Find out what more you can do with health and fitness club management software. Contact Jonas Fitness today!