Gym member Retention

Why Do Gym Members Cancel & How to Prevent It

A primary concern of fitness club owners is gym member retention. There are many reasons members choose to leave. Even when you’re adding new members continually from your community, keeping these members is always a concern. 

This is because when you think about the costs of getting a new member versus retaining your existing gym members, the latter is more affordable. 

Here’s what you should always keep in mind: loyal gym members are more valuable to your business. But first, what are the reasons gym members cancel their memberships? 

Lack of Group Fitness

Gym members who are part of a group exercise will more likely retain their membership than those who only use your equipment at the gym. 

Members Not Receiving Interactions from You

Gym members who cancel are also the ones who don’t receive enough interaction with the fitness staff. This is why it’s crucial you have programs that are focused on gym membership retention. 

Other reasons gym members cancel their fitness club membership are:

  • Lack of guidance
  • Feeling out of place
  • Overcrowding
  • Feeling unsatisfied with the facilities
  • Money
  • Losing motivation
  • Health
  • Not seeing results 
  • Moving away
  • Family or work obligations

So, how do you address these and increase gym membership retention? 

Invest in Making Your Members Feel Comfortable

One of the best ways to increase gym membership retention is to make customers feel comfortable. Some gym members may not be able to encourage a friend to join; hence, they will be alone working out. When they’re alone, it usually makes them feel less confident about themselves. 

Address this by making them more comfortable by having group classes. By doing so, it will help members fit in within the gym environment. Provide classes for all levels and abilities. 

Another thing, your staff can also make a significant difference to how welcomed and comfortable gym members feel at your fitness club. 

Make Your Facility the Best Value for Money

Another effective way to increase gym membership retention is to ask for feedback regularly. You can have a suggestion box in the common area or changing room and you can also have your staff members ask your gym members personally. 

We also mentioned that overcrowding is one of the reasons members quit their gym membership. You can prevent this by educating your members on how to use the machines effectively. With this, it will reduce the time spent waiting. 

Keep in mind, though. You can always stop a member from leaving, especially when the reason is money. Still, the best thing you can do here is to make your gym a good value for money. From there, you will be able to increase gym member retention. 

Prolong Gym Memberships

There are times when gym members will cancel their membership for the reasons we listed here. However, it’s crucial you’re prepared to address these. Only then will you be able to increase customer retention. Remember, it’s more costly to gain new members and more affordable to retain existing ones. Therefore, it’s essential you have excellent plans in place to retain your gym members.