Incentive Programs for Fitness Clubs

3 Best Incentive Programs for Fitness Clubs

One of the best ways to boost your fitness club member retention is to have an incentive program. How many times have you heard the saying that, “It’s easier to keep an existing member than it is to go and get a new one?”

This is a reminder for you that customer retention is important here. That means, putting significant efforts into retaining your existing members is worth the investment. 

Here are some incentive ideas you can provide your members with: 

  1. Rewards Program

One of the most popular ways to incentivize your existing gym members is through a rewards program. By implementing this specific program, you can engage your members; at the same time, this will help promote your brand and attract new members as well. 

A rewards program is simple—it’s a way to reward your members for spending on your establishment. Usually, it runs on a point-based system and it’s up to you on how many points you should give and what specific actions can make members earn points. 

Not sure how to award your points? The first thing you need to do is determine the most important thing to you—it could be to encourage more participation, increase your profit margins or promote your brand. When you have determined this, you can allot more points for actions you want to prioritize. 

Figure out how many points to award for the money spent or action performed in your fitness club. When you have sorted out your point system, it’s time to focus on the rewards. 

Ask yourself—what are you willing and can give away to existing members? Here are some choices: 

  • Tiered rewards: A tiered reward system is when you offer better rewards when your members reach higher thresholds. It rewards loyal and high-paying clients while you meet your profit margins. 
  • Merchandise/discounts: What do you offer for your rewards? Are customers getting merchandise or discounts? If you choose merchandise, this is a good choice because it has a high-perceived value but low production cost. On the other hand, monetary discounts on services or memberships are safer because they can satisfy everybody because not everyone will like the same products. 
  1. New Member Incentive

Incentivizing a potential fitness gym member to join with some VIP gift cards for their friends will do the trick. Although there’s nothing wrong with the usual first month free or half-price sign-up fee, but they’re so basic that they’re not as appealing anymore. 

Remember, you’re incentivizing your members to attract them to retain their membership; at the same time, lure more customers in. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make your incentives attractive that will be valuable to them. 

Also, working out is a social event, which means that people are more likely to sign up if they can bring their loved ones along with them to the gym. This is also perfect for gym members who are too shy to work out alone. 

Incentive Programs
  1. Early Renewal Incentives

When a member is close to the end of the membership, you can implement an early renewal campaign. This is a great way to retain members. Consider a special two-month’s free gift card they can use towards renewing their membership. 

Here are the top three incentive programs you can implement in your fitness club. If you have decided on which program to implement on your site, here are some tips: 

Research Properly

When planning an incentive program for your gym members, you need to research properly. Your research includes what is trending on the market, what gym members like, what they don’t, and even, what your competitors are doing. 

Knowing what your competition offers will help you see what you need to offer to stay competitive or even, to outdo the competition. 

It’s also essential to research how long it takes for members to reach certain incentives. You can offer a trial or a short-term rewards program to see how it goes before you implement it officially. 

If you have offered an incentive program in the past, it will help to refer to them and see how they did. This will help you gain clear insights on what you should do next. 

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to overcomplicate your incentive program. In fact, keep it simple. The easier the incentive program is to understand, the better it is for your fitness club and your existing members. 

Points can be redeemed for various items that were purchased or have already on hand. 

Keep Your Staff in the Loop

Your staff members are the ones who interact with your members the most. That is why it’s crucial they know what’s going on with your gym, including the available incentives for existing members. 

Make sure your staff is trained properly and they are aware of the rules and details of the available incentive programs. In addition to that, make sure they can answer common questions that members may have about the programs you have in place. 

Your staff can share the details of your incentives program with new and existing members. 

Track Them

When you implement an incentives program, it’s important that you track them. Make sure you generate weekly or monthly reports to how to know many members are redeeming their rewards, how much it costs your club, and if you’re getting good ROI from it. 

Boost Your Fitness Club’s Customer Retention Today!

Incentive programs are important to any fitness club. In this post, we have listed some examples of incentive programs you can use today. It’s also essential to research, plan, and prepare to offer an enticing program at your fitness club. You should also take into consideration what your members and staff have to say to help you create an effective incentive program that will make it worthwhile. 

When you reward, retain, and attract your gym members, you can boost your fitness club’s sales and customer retention. Through these programs, your members will feel more important. With that, you can never go wrong with having an incentive program for your fitness club.